Foods To Avoid When Bodybuilding

There are some foods that you should avoid when you are on a bodybuilding plan.

Processed Foods
Processed foods are very tasty but have very low nutritional contents. These foods are high in sugar, salt, colors and additives. Many packaged food products contain chemicals for longer preservation and shelf life. If you have to include some processed foods in your diet, choose those products that have not been processed too many times or stripped of nutritional contents. For example, you can buy canned fishes.

Concentrate Fruit Juices
The fruit juices available in packs are not really pure fruit juices. These juices are made with fruit concentrates and have very high level of sugar. The juices have very low nutritional value and all natural benefits have been removed. There is no fiber content in the juice. Additionally, the juice contains flavors, colors, additives and preservatives. The purpose is to make the juices appetizing, tastier and long lasting. Eat fruits in the raw form or extract juices of fruits yourself at home. You can make shakes, smoothies and other items to consume fruits in different forms.

Gluten rich foods
Foods that are high in gluten and stripped of natural fiber are difficult to digest. You may not realize it, but your digestive system has to work hard to absorb nutrition from such foods. These foods are rich in carbs and undergo lots of processing before being sold to the consumers.

Fatty Foods
Such foods are unsuitable for all types of people. While body needs some types of fats, it generally requires fats in very low amount. Consume only those fats that are healthy, nutritious and suitable for the body. While bodybuilding requires increased calorie intake, you must avoid foods that are high in fats.

Sugary Foods
Foods high in sugar like ice cream, cakes, candy and desserts can damage your bodybuilding plan. Avoid extra intake of sugar that will add carbs to your body. At the same time, a moderate quantity of sugar according to your physique and bodybuilding plan is needed to maintain proper nutritional balance.

Soft Drinks
Such drinks are high in sugar and caloric contents. Carbonated drinks are not ideal for bodybuilding. It is better to drink water and natural fruit juices. You should also avoid hard drinks that lead to beer belly and other fat body problems.

These are some of the well known foods that you must avoid when you are on a bodybuilding plan. Take a look at the list of foods that are recommended for bodybuilders.